Comfort Zone UV Light Sterilizer Container in White

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Our phones are one of the accessories that we take with us everywhere in today's day and age. This includes the grocery store, shopping centers, and even public restrooms. Our phones travel just as much as we do, but never gets the same cleaning attention that our hands will see.

Did you know that our phones are 18x dirtier than a public toilet? This may seem crazy, but while we wash our hands, our phones sit in our pocket or purse, collecting germs and bacteria. If we don't do anything about this, the germs can breed and grow and cause a whole list of issues.

This is where the Comfort Zone UV Light Sterilizer comes into play! We've designed this item for ease of use, and to have a wide variety of uses. Not only can you sanitize your phone, but you can also sanitize your keys, mask, glasses, ear buds, and many other items. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, this comes with 3 different sterilization durations for your convenience!

  • UV lights to sterilize personal items
  • 1 UVC light source
  • UVC wavelength 253.7nm
  • Irradiation intensity: 0.65mW/cm2
  • Three sterilizing duration settings (5 mins / 15mins / 30mins)
  • Sanitizing space 7.75” x 4.40” x 3.00” capable to various items such as mobile phone, glasses, face mask, earphone etc.
  • Sterilization only operates while cover is shut to avoid UV light exposure
  • CPC2013
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 10.50
  • Width : 6.75
  • Height : 5.00
California Warning