Comfort Zone Portable Space Heater with Motion Detector in Black

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The Comfort Zone Motion Sensor Ceramic Heater is perfect for your home or office to warm your feet while working or warm an entire space in your home. Featuring 2 heat settings, this heater comes equipped with a motion sensor that turns the heater off when you walk away and on again when you return. It can operate with or without the motion sensor feature activated and will turn off after 30-minutes without motion and automatically resume when motion is detected again. As an added safety feature, this heater power permanently shuts off after 2 hours without motion. It also features a safety tip-over switch & overheat protection system, minimizing the risk of it causing any damage to your home or office.

  • Motion sensor activated: This Space heater turns on and off when it senses movement. When the motion sensor is on, the heater will detect motion within 1 meter of the sensor. The heater turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity and powers down completely after 2 hours. It also works without the motion detector.
  • Versatile: This is the perfect space heater for home and office. You can use it to keep your feet warm while working or warm up an entire space./li>
  • Safe space heater: The motion sensor feature ensures your safety by automatically Shutting down, minimizing the risk of it causing any damage./li>
  • Reduced hi/low wattage perfect for personal use, less likely to trip workplace circuits/li>
  • Convenient controls: Top-mounted controls allow you to easily switch between the heater’s 2 heat settings and to turn the motion dection on or off/li>
  • Efficient performance: this ceramic tower heater helps lower heating costs because it allows you to raise the temperature in the room you are in rather than the entire house/li>
  • CZ460BK
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 6.00
  • Width : 6.00
  • Height : 10.10
California Warning