Comfort Zone 4” 3-Speed Rechargeable Personal Fan with Wireless Charger in White

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Ever wished to feel cool no matter where you need to be?

Nothing is worse than feeling all hot and sticky, whether you're at work or at home. The experience is especially uncomfortable during the hottest peaks of summer.

You want to buy and carry around a portable fan, but most of those available in the market are just too bulky and weak. What you’re specifically looking for is a travel-friendly cooling device that’ll keep you comfortable as you go about your day.

Feel relaxed and soothed on the go with the Comfort Zone 4” Rechargeable Fan with Wireless Charger.

Beat the heat as you enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies with our powerful and compact fan. It features a base with a built-in wireless charger, allowing you to view your smartphone with ease.

Sleek and compact, this rechargeable fan only measures in at 4.7” x 4.3” x 8.9”. It makes a fantastic choice for road trips, nature getaways, and picnics at the park. You can also use it at home or in the office anytime you wish to dry your hair or feel a soothing breeze against your skin.

Need to find a useful but awesome present for a family member or friend who’d like to feel cool and relaxed all the time? Choose our rechargeable fan! With its contemporary design and impressive performance, anyone is sure to cherish it.

  • Runs up to 6 hours per Charge
  • Perfect for desktop use in your home, office or dorm room
  • CZPF401WT-EU
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 4.50
  • Width : 5.00
  • Height : 9.00
California Warning