About Us


Over the past ten years Comfort Zone® has grown to become a trusted brand, recognized nationally as a leader in the home environment category. Comfort Zone heaters, fans and humidifiers provide safe and reliable performance with exceptional value and thoughtful innovations. As a leader in reliability and safety, Comfort Zone has dedicated Engineering and Quality-Assurance teams to ensure our products meet strict quality standards such as UL®, ETL®, SAA, CE, CSA and NOM.

Comfort Zone Fans include Personal Fans, Table Fans, Pedestal Fans, Tower Fans, Window Fans, Box Fans and Wall Mounted Fans. Many of our fans include patented features like the space-saving Quad-Pod™ folding base, window fans with removable covers, and remote control on select models. Comfort Zone Heaters includes Fan Forced Heaters, Ceramic Heaters, Tower Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Convection Heaters, Oil-Filled Heaters and Quartz Infrared Heaters. Our heaters incorporate advanced safety features such as overheat sensors, tip-over switches and stay-cool housings. Comfort Zone Humidifiers are the ideal choice for travel and in-home use, with portable and full room humidifiers using ultrasonic, cool-mist technology. Cool-mist humidifiers are filter-free and offer maintenance-free performance. Dual nozzles and variable mist output allow fine-tuning for maximum comfort.

Powergear™ by Comfort Zone line of heaters and fans brings rugged, hard-working performance and features to the job-site or home. Designed with the contractor in mind, Powergear features oversized knobs, switches and handles for ease of use with gloved hands. Heavy-duty details like copper motors and metal fan blades deliver strong performance. Comfort Zone Industrial offers models designed for high duty-cycle applications, with durable, high-output performance.

Comfort Zone is a World and Main brand.