Comfort Zone Ceiling-Mounted 5,000-Watt Fan-Forced Industrial Heater in Gray & Black

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MPN : CZ220

Turn your garage, workshop or small event space into a comfortable area to spend your time all year round with this Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Heater. Crafted with a heavy gauge steel body, this commercial heater is built tough enough to endure daily use in poorly insulated areas where temperatures can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day. It has a fan-forced design to help disperse heat throughout the room, while louvers and the variable mounting angle allow you to aim the airflow towards a specific area. The thermostat adjusts quickly using a dual knob at the front, which makes it easy to get just the right temperature for your space. For enhanced safety, the fan-forced ceiling mount heater has a built-in sensor that automatically shuts the unit off if it overheats and an indicator light that ensures that you know exactly when it is powered on.

  • Heavy gauge steel body protects heater in harsh environments
  • Fan-forced for wide heat dispersion
  • Dual knob adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control
  • Louvers and variable mounting angle provide targeted airflow
  • Removable front grill assembly for easy cleaning
  • Overheat protection sensor and power indicator light for enhanced safety
  • Hard-wired installation 240 Volt AC
  • 5000 Watt – 17,065 BTUs
  • ETL Listed
  • CZ220 / CZ220BK 
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 17.25
  • Width : 13.70
  • Height : 14.50
California Warning

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