Comfort Zone Energy Save Oscillating Ceramic Electronic Space Heater in Black

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It always pays to be practical. That’s why a lot of folks use space heaters when the colder months roll in. Doing so can help offset the additional costs on your utility bill. However, it’s similarly important to remember that not all space heaters are made equal. For all you know, your heating device that’s supposed to save you some dollars might actually be costing you money instead. But don’t worry, there is a solution. We have designed a personal heater that provides your heating needs while being as efficient as possible in energy consumption. Even better, you can get it here and now. Stay warm the cost-effective way with the Comfort Zone Energy Save Oscillating Ceramic Heater! Keeping your room toasty doesn’t have to mean a sky-high electricity bill. That’s why we’ve created this space heater! Equipped with the powerful Energy Save technology, this 750W/1500W warmer can generate up to 5120 BTUs of heat while consuming 30% less power. It’s the ideal choice for warming up a small room. With our ceramic heater, you are in control of how warm you want your living space to be. It has an adjustable thermostat alongside 3 heat settings as well as a fan-only mode. Fine-tune the settings to your liking and maintain that comfortably cozy atmosphere in your home. Most importantly, our oscillating ceramic heater is built with your safety in mind. It has a molded handle and a body that stays cool while in operation. And that’s on top of its safety tip switch and overheat protection.

  • 3 heat settings plus fan-only setting
  • ENERGY SAVE technology heats comfortably with 30% less energy
  • Oscillation for wide coverage
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Stay cool body with molded handle
  • Safety tip switch and overheat protection
  • ETL approved for the US & Canada
  • CZ465EBK
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 7.08
  • Width : 5.90
  • Height : 11.02
California Warning