Comfort Zone 12" 3-Speed Quiet Oscillating Table Fan in White & Black

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Featuring an oscillating head, this Comfort Zone 12" oscillating table fan will create a gentle breeze in any room. Its three-speed output functions offer low, medium and high speeds, so you can tailor the air output to your environment. The wide oscillation function is great for group settings such as dinner parties or movie nights, as the swinging motion increases airflow and provides relief from the heat to an entire room at once. The adjustable tilt function provides added control of the direction of air output, since it can be pushed up or down as necessary. This quiet bedroom fan is also ideal for those who need a fan to sleep, as the quiet motor generates minimal noise and the oscillating function ensures your entire body receives a breeze while laying in bed. For convenience, the table fan is easy to assemble and features a sturdy metal safety grill.

  • 3-Speed output offers low, medium and high speed settings to optimize air flow
  • Wide oscillation design swings back and forth, promoting increased airflow and creating a refreshing breeze
  • Quiet motor minimizes sound and hum while in operation
  • Adjustable tilt allows you to direct the fan up or down as necessary for added control over air flow direction
  • Lightweight design and easy assembly offer added convenience
  • Metal safety grill protects fans from contact with debris and other objects for added durability
  • ETL listed
  • CZ121WT / CZ121BK
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 13.90
  • Width : 7.25
  • Height : 13.50
California Warning
English Instruction Manual
Spanish Instruction Manual

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