Comfort Zone 4" 1-Speed Desktop Fan in Silver & Black

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Measuring just 4" tall, this Comfort Zone high-velocity portable fan is ideal for keeping a small area cool and comfortable. The compact high-velocity fan operates smoothly and quietly, making it easy to use continuously in the background without disrupting meetings, conferences and phone calls. The quiet high-velocity fan's lightweight design makes it a snap to transport from one room to another as you move around, and it has a sleek silver finish that complements a wide range of decor styles with ease. Great for travelling, the quiet indoor fan can be powered using your computer's USB port or a traditional 120 Volt wall plug. Use it to keep your dorm room cool so you can stay focused on your studies, take it along on your next vacation to keep the hotel room comfortable, or add it to your desk at work to help keep the air moving in your office.

  • Compact 4" desktop fan ideal for offices and student dorms
  • Operates quietly and efficiently to minimize distractions
  • Can be powered by USB port or 120 Volt plug
  • Sleek silver finish complements most decor styles and color schemes with ease
  • Lightweight design for easy transportation from room to room
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 6.20
  • Width : 3.60
  • Height : 7.10
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