Comfort Zone Energy Save Electric Ceramic Space Heater in Grey

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MPN : CZ449E

Are you ready for the colder days ahead?

It’s inevitable that our days and nights will become colder, especially come winter. While it may be delightful for a lot of reasons, the cold isn’t always pleasant for us. Our teeth end up chattering as we bundle up and impatiently wait for warmer weather.

This, however, shouldn’t be the case. It’s never too early (or too late) to get your own space heater. We have one right here that will surely impress you and keep you warm.

Enjoy a cozier living environment with the Comfort Zone CZ449E Oscillating Ceramic Heater

Stay comfortable with our ceramic oscillating heater! It uses a powerful ceramic PTC heating element and a fan mechanism to distribute warmth in your room. It can oscillate up to 70 degrees to spread the heat evenly, which can reach up to 5120 BTUs. You can also control how much heat it produces with its 3 heat settings, fan-only mode, and adjustable thermostat.

Safety isn’t a problem with our product. We have designed this oscillating space heater to meet all the safety standards of the United States, which is proven by its ETL approval. Its body has a molded handle, both of which stay cool even amid heavy use. An overheat protection system and tip-over switch also keep the personal heater safe.

Even better, we’ve designed our product for energy efficiency. It makes use of our Energy Save Technology that effectively reduces its power consumption by 30%. With it, you can cozy up and enjoy warmer nights without putting a strain on your finances.

  • Item dimensions: 7.68” x 5.71” x 11.02”
  • Box weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Replaces the older model, CZ449
  • CZ449E
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 8.30
  • Width : 6.80
  • Height : 11.70
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