Comfort Zone 18" 3-Speed Powr Curve Oscillating Pedestal Fan in Multiple Color Options

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Looking for a stand fan that's powerful yet doesn't sound like a jet engine when in use?

The summer sun is glaring angrily at your home, raising up indoor temperatures. You reach for your stand fan to cool down your surroundings. As soon as you turn it on, however, your ears are punished by the constant humming and buzzing from your fan's motor.

Effectively circulate the air in your home while keeping the peace. Choose a powerful stand fan that will freshen up your indoor air without causing a loud racket.

Beat the summer heat with the Comfort Zone PowrCurve 18" Stand Fan.

Enjoy stronger cooling effects with this 18" stand fan. It shows off 6 blades, which moves more air and delivers up to 30% more air flow than traditional stand fans. The blades come alive with a powerful 90-watt all-copper motor, blasting a powerful jet of air for keeping your living space well-ventilated.

Use this stand fan without being bothered by loud buzzing or humming sounds. This stand fan features a Triple Zone tri-curve grill, which is designed to eliminate turbulence and lessen noise levels by up to 20%. Put it in your bedroom or nursery.

Choose from 3 different speed settings on the fan's control panel. Enjoy wider room coverage with its 180-degree adjustable tilt function.

  • Meets UL, ETL, SAA, CE, CSA, and NOM quality standards
  • 5-foot plug
  • Sleek, classic, trendy design
  • Thoughtful gift idea
  • Oscillating fan feature
  • Built-in night light for bedtime illumination
  • CZST180BK / CZST180BS / CZST180WS / CZST180WT
Packaging Dimensions
  • Length : 24.80
  • Width : 6.30
  • Height : 19.88
California Warning
English Instruction Manual
Spanish Instruction Manual

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