Comfort Zone 10,000-BTU Window-Mounted Smart Wi-Fi Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

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Cool, Dry, Fan, and Auto Modes: Press the mode button to effortlessly cycle through the versatile modes tailored to meet your specific needs.

Cool Mode: Experience the ultimate cooling comfort as our air conditioner efficiently cools the room while simultaneously reducing humidity. Activate the cooling function with a simple press of the MODE button. To optimize this function, fine-tune the temperature using the up and down arrows and adjust the speed with the Fan Speed button.

Dry Mode: Banish discomfort caused by excessive humidity with our Dry Mode. Activate this function by pressing the MODE button, initiating an automatic cycle of cooling and air fan to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Fan Mode: Immerse yourself in a gentle breeze with our dedicated Fan Mode. Adjust the speed seamlessly by pressing the Fan Speed button, toggling between Hi, Med, and Lo for your personalized comfort.

Auto Mode: Let our intelligent Auto Mode take the reins. This feature automatically selects the optimal mode (COOL, DRY, or FAN) based on the room temperature, determined by seven temperature sensors strategically placed in the indoor unit. Press the MODE button to activate Auto Mode and enjoy effortless climate control.

Sleep Mode: Enhance your nightly comfort with our Sleep Mode. Press the SLEEP button to dim all display lights, leaving only the Sleep light illuminated. The air conditioner will then autonomously adjust the temperature and fan speed to create an optimal sleeping environment. The set temperature gradually increases every 30-60 minutes, changing a maximum of six times until reaching 81 or 82 degrees.

Digital Display: Our digital display keeps you informed. When the timer is not in use, the operation mode and set temperature are prominently displayed, with the timer setting conveniently located below. Stay in control and monitor your settings effortlessly.

Upgrade your living space with our advanced Air Conditioner, offering a range of modes and features designed for your comfort and convenience.

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