Comfort Zone 4" Flexible Tri-Pod Stroller Fan in Multiple Color Styles

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Tailored for Tiny Travelers:
This mini fan is thoughtfully designed with your baby in mind, featuring a flexible tripod with versatile legs that effortlessly clip onto most strollers, cribs, wheelchairs, carriages, and more, in any desired position. A lifesaver for car seats, it ensures a cool and comfortable ride for your child & you. The adaptable tripod design allows for easy customization, directing the airflow where needed. Whether on a stroll or during a car ride this mini fan becomes a reliable companion, keeping your baby content. Available in multiple colors to fit any need! CZ12541 / CZ12542 / CZ12543 / CZ12544

On-the-Go Comfort Companion:
Fitted with a rechargeable battery, this mini fan guarantees 2.5-10 hours of refreshing breeze, depending on wind intensity. The versatility extends to USB charging, allowing you to power up via a power bank, laptop, or any USB-output power source, making it a must-have for both you and your kids on the move. Whether you're outdoors, traveling, or just need a quick cooling fix, this fan ensures you stay comfortable. The swift 2-3 hour full charge time ensures minimal downtime, keeping you ready for any adventure.

Compact & Rotatable Marvel:
Unleash the cooling power of this mini fan with its 360° rotation design. Despite its mini size, it packs a punch, allowing you to discover your perfect angle for a personalized breeze experience. The fan's strong grip ensures a secure hold, guaranteeing it stays firmly in place without the worry of unexpected falls. Whether placed on a desk, bedside table, or any preferred surface, its stability remains unwavering. Embrace a compact fan that offers the flexibility to enjoy refreshing winds from any direction.

Versatile & Lightweight Wonder:
Embrace the versatility of this mini lightweight personal portable fan transitioning between roles as a handheld fan, desk fan, baby fan, & a companion for outdoor camping. Its design allows portability, catering to your cooling needs wherever you go. The fan allows you to utilize a power bank for on-the-go convenience or charge it in the car, ensuring continuous cooling even during travel (also available while charging). Experience the freedom of choice with a fan that adapts to your dynamic lifestyle.

Wholesome Breeze Control:
Tailor the breeze for your little one with a simple click, toggling between 3 wind speeds that prioritize your baby's health. The fan cover is thoughtfully designed to shield curious little fingers, ensuring a worry-free environment. Experience tranquility as the fan operates at low noise levels, contributing to improved sleep quality for your baby. This thoughtful combination of customizable airflow and safety features creates a nurturing atmosphere, allowing your baby to rest peacefully and comfortably.

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