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Don't let the cold deter your concentration while working from home during winter. Accessorize your home office with a personal heater to ensure your comfort and seamless productivity. The smaller footprint and portability of a portable heater allows them to fit into even the smallest spaces. Plus, if you’re only utilizing a single room during your workday, they’ll help you save on your gas bills since you won't have to run the whole home's heating system. Here, we’ve compiled a list of four personal heaters designed to deliver ultimate functionality and quality to suit all your heating needs. Mini Ceramic...

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Humidifiers are often the unsung hero of the winter months. When the temperature drops, we run our heaters, but the dry heat caused by heaters can lead to dry air in your home. Dry air can lead to cracked skin, dry sinuses, and general discomfort. Learn how humidifiers can help with your comfort needs.

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